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We promise to keep it simple, demystify the complex and always think and speak human.

News & Views

We promise to keep it simple, demystify the complex and always think and speak human.

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We have lots of informed opinions within m2m, we love to debate and comment on market dynamics and latest trends in the media world. We publish blogs and thought-pieces on a regular basis – our latest are below:

10 May 2017

Sean Richardson Joins m2m as Head of Strategy

Fresh from Bohemia, Sean Richardson joins m2m as Head of Strategy

by Kirstin Hutchinson
20 Apr 2017

We All Scream For New Screens

TV Screens are more beautiful, more functional and more integrated into the home than ever before.

by Kirstin Hutchinson
5 Apr 2017

Brian Seal joins m2m Sydney as Head of Digital

Brian Seal has joined m2m Sydney as Head of Digital as the agency continues to grow

by Kirstin Hutchinson
28 Mar 2017

Making Everyday Objects Awesome

Find out how seemingly boring everyday objects have become things you can’t imagine living without.

by Kirstin Hutchinson
14 Mar 2017

Wearable Technology – Superpower Your Life

Chrissie Hanson gives us the lowdown on some of the most exciting wearable technology at CES 2017.

by Kirstin Hutchinson
7 Mar 2017

Are Print Audits Past Their Sell By Date?

Is the withdrawal, by publishers, from print audits a backward move, or is it merely levelling the media playing field?

by Richard Garratt
7 Mar 2017

CES 2017 – The Rise of the Robot

There was a robot for everyone at CES 2017 – Chrissie Hanson highlights some of the most talked about.

by Kirstin Hutchinson
28 Feb 2017

Immerse Yourself in the Virtual Experience

Chrissie Hanson, Global Comms Planning Lead at OMD, shares her favourite CES 2017 immersive experiences.

by Kirstin Hutchinson
22 Feb 2017

Do We Really Care?

Wendy Gower reflects on whether or not agencies look after the emotional wellbeing of their employees.

by Wendy Gower
9 Feb 2017

Demystifying Programmatic

Some definitions of programmatic are pages long but we prefer to speak human and keep things simple.

by Tom Fryett
  M2M Considers
8 Feb 2017

Trends in 2017

m2m Considers – what we think the biggest media trends in Australia in 2017 will be

by Kirstin Hutchinson
1 Feb 2017

The Star Launch Lunar New Year

m2m and Yakusan Brand Experience Group launch The Star’s Lunar New Year Campaign

by Kirstin Hutchinson