Case Study


Back to School


Back to School

Business Challenge:

The back to school period is a key calendar event for labellers.  Our challenge was to ensure Brother was front of mind during the purchase decision.



We know mums love being given the opportunity to express their creativity – so we knew we needed to get the product into the hands of relevant publishers, bloggers and regular mums – and as many of them as  possible.

The Idea:

We had a three tiered approach.  Firstly, Better Homes & Gardens ran several  product posts and a reader competition that saw 100 labellers being given out.  Those readers then fed content back into Better Homes & Gardens Facebook page. We then partnered with some high impact influencers who showcased the product and educated our target audience of scale. Lastly, we seeded the product into 310 of our target audience’s homes by recruiting a panel to trial the product and drive authentic and credible Word of Mouth about the labeller and its versatility.


Over 1 million impressions on publishers social content and 35 pieces of content across influencer channels.  We had 797 pieces of content from our in-home seeding – including an “amplified review” targeted to 500,000 of our target audience across Facebook.

Overall we saw our Net Promoted Score (increased advocacy) jump up 53 points, and “likelihood to purchase” jump 82%.